Real-time Grain Quality

Unlock additional value from your crop through accurate location-based grade and quality data


How we help farmers


Real-time grain quality data

Analyze grain in real-time during harvest to access new insights into the quality of your crop, inform optimal marketing decisions, and shape agronomic practices.


Precise location-based insights

See the whole picture by combining bushel/acre yield with grade and quality/acre insights. Add a new dimension of seed to sale traceability to your information arsenal.


Accurate sampling that makes sense

You’ve worked the land all season to produce a top-quality crop. You wouldn’t let someone judge the quality of your work on a 4 x 4 foot square – but that’s exactly the area represented by traditional grading samples.


Blending up

Optimize the value of your grain inventory by blending with confidence. Know exactly what you have and increase your value by blending before you haul to the elevator.

The Quality of Your Entire Crop, Judged by a Few Pounds of Grain

The grain needed to produce a grading sample can be grown on a piece of land 4’ by 4’ square. This small area is used to judge the quality of a harvested area equivalent to 75 football fields of land.


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Maximizing Value Across
the Grain Supply Chain

Our technology puts the farmer in control of quality management and unlocks new marketing strategies to optimize on-farm value. Through real-time analysis, our platform can be implemented at each stage of the grain handling supply chain to inform better decisions and optimize value from farm-gate to consumer.