Meet Kiran Patel

One of the most exciting things about being a startup is building our team - drawing together our inner circle to help us realize our vision and grow our company and culture. Over the next while, we will be introducing you to more of our team at Ground Truth Ag, continuing with our Grain Quality Technician, Kiran Patel.


Meet Kiran

Over the next while, we will be introducing you to more of our team at Ground Truth Ag, continuing with our Grain Quality Technician, Kiran Patel.


Meet Kiran

“Agriculture is a great sector here in Saskatchewan. When I came here two years ago, I was working in a restaurant and wanted to work in a lab setting. I have a Masters in Botany, and so my field of study is heavily related to agriculture,” Kiran explains about what drew her to apply for work at Ground Truth Ag.


“It was my first interview in Canada. I was very scared but Kyle and Divyesh made me feel so comfortable. They were both so kind. I like the atmosphere they have created within the company – everyone is so friendly. This is my subject area, and so I feel it’s the job for me!”

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When asked about what she enjoys most about working at Ground Truth Ag, she laughs. “Everything is the best! When I open my eyes in the morning, I think to myself, ‘let’s get to work!’ When I first joined Ground Truth Ag, I was hired as a data collector and worked closely with my colleague, Mariia, who is our Analytical Chemist. When I was promoted to my current position, I also began working with Leigh, our Grain Quality Control Consultant, and Aamir, our Senior Machine Learning Engineer. Every day, I get to work in my field – and everything is such a good experience.”


“In my new role, I am learning how to grade grain. I know all about plants from my home country, and these are all new plants for me. I am always asking Leigh ‘what is this and what about this.’ I don’t feel like I’m working, I feel like I’m learning. I love nature – and whenever you connect with plants, you connect with nature. When studying for my Masters, I’d spend days in the forest learning and studying plants. I love this type of work!”

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When not at work, Kiran spends her time with her family. She lives with her husband, two daughters aged six and 13 as well as her mother and father-in-law. “I enjoy spending time playing badminton with my 13-year-old. I love talking to my daughters. I learn from them – they are more practical than we are,” she laughs. “Whenever I’m free, I like to get outside, watch movies. As a new Canadian, our first year here I focused on learning a new culture and new language.”


Kiran also loves to travel. “I travelled a lot around India when I was in college. Here in Canada, I’ve travelled to Banff and Calgary. I’d like to go to Toronto as it’s a big and busy city. I’d really like to visit so many countries like Dubai, Singapore and anywhere in Europe. I love to experience different cultures and food.”