Meet Charith Chebrolu

Over the next while, we will be introducing you to more of our team at Ground Truth Ag, continuing with our Database Developer, Charith Chebrolu.


Meet Charith


“I'm currently enrolled in a postgraduate certification program at Sask Polytech, specializing in cloud computing and blockchain.” Charith explains. “During my first program summer break, one of my classmates applied for an internship at Ground Truth and encouraged me to apply. Divyesh liked my application and called me in for an interview – and that was my start here at Ground Truth.”


When asked about what he enjoys most about working at Ground Truth Ag, Charith mentions both the team he spends his days with and the work they are doing. “Everything from coding to envisioning the future of agriculture – we have a diverse and talented team and I’m excited to have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge advancements.”


Currently, Charith is focused on a project he finds intriguing, correlating all the grading determinants within Canadian Western Red Spring wheat with falling number, “The falling number is a test that helps identify the structural integrity of the starch chains – the higher the falling number, the higher quality of the starch or longer chains,” he explains.


When not at work, Charith enjoys spending time with family and friends, going outside or traveling to the mountains to go hiking. “If I have free time or a long weekend, I like exploring new places.”


To relax when he’s closer to home, also enjoys cooking, hitting the gym or playing cricket.